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Horizon is home to two experts. We know the best practices, keep our knowledge of your sector up-to-date with seminars, and follow the most recent legislation. Without you even noticing. 

Two partners who work independently? Each with their own customer portfolio and specialised domain-specific knowledge? Thus, two experts who keep each other sharp. You enjoy expertise in double. 

However, your account remains under the dedicated supervision of one expert. You won’t have to retell your story over and over again. No detail will be lost. Your contact person is, and will remain, your dedicated account manager. 

You are our customer. That is why we want to take the time to listen to your story. This allows us to hear the underlying question and advise you better.  

What’s your vision for the future? How can we anticipate it? We like to think along with you and proactively look for opportunities and solutions, so that your business can grow.

We aim to continue to take good care of our customers, just like we did at the very beginning in 2013. Today, 95% of these customers are as satisfied as ever. That’s why we do it.

Our digital support is efficient, innovative and watertight. We give you access to your account via Connect. We ask for your signature for a report or your financial statements with Connective. You’re always welcome, but no need to come to Antwerp for such transactions. Changing with the times. 



Three partners working based on the same values, in friendship and independently of one another. Each with their own portfolio and specialised domain-specific knowledge.

GUY BAERT began working for a fiduciary in 1999 immediately after completing his studies at Karel de Grote University of Applied Sciences and Arts. Since 2007 he has been active as certified tax accountant & certified tax advisor.  He started his own office in 2013. 

Guy specialises in guiding management companies, speciality shops, small construction companies, electricians and plumbers. In addition, he has solid experience with professions in the audiovisual sector and with liberal professions such as architects, doctors and psychologists.

Guy places the emphasis on personal contact. Contact him any time thanks to his subscription formula. Ask away! 


STEVE MEYVIS  graduated in business administration from Lessius University College Antwerp. His first challenge was with a fiduciary that placed a strong emphasis on knowledge building. He opted for the supplemental Fiscal Sciences Programme at Fiscal University College Brussels. Certification as an accountant-tax specialist by the Professional Institute for Certified Accountants and Tax Experts also followed. A few years and work experiences later, the methods used by the office where he was active were no longer consistent with his own insights. These insights, however, did match those of Guy. 


Steve is at home in the liberal professions and small construction companies, as well as in the wellness and logistics sectors. 


He prefers to personally guide entrepreneurs in the broadest possible perspective. ​




Guy and Steve got to know each other as colleagues in the accounting profession. After years in the accountancy world, all two had a desire to handle accounts in a more personal way. Sincere involvement simply provides greater fulfilment and job satisfaction. 
In 2013, Guy and Steve saw the opportunity to start together, and united under the name Scaldis Codex at St. Michielskaai in Antwerp. A new synergy on the Scheldt horizon was born: Horizon Tax & Accountancy. 
Since 2020, Horizon has been in a brand new office, again with a beautiful view of the Scheldt and the New Palace of Justice. You’re always welcome. 


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